Accommodation, Transportation And Recreation Done In Style



Pat. Pending 2021


This design willl be available for others to use in exchange for 0.5% donations for Ukraine, children, animals, etc.
A prototype will be built in 2023 for testing and public display around the world.

• Bedroom with double bed accessible from 3 sides, overhead and under-bed storage, TV, table and chairs
• Bathroom with sink, toilet, 30" x 28" shower with 52" foldable bathtub, 20-cu.ft. closet and medicine cabinet
• Lounge with entry door, couch convertible into bed, dinette convertible into couch or bed, TV and coffee table
• Kitchen with sink, stove, 8-cu.ft. fridge, microwave oven, 5-sq.ft. worktop, pull-out pantry and storage cabinets

• All of the above items are usable at the same time.
• The main door, dinette, kitchen, fridge, double bed and bathroom are usable in the retracted configuration.
• 20' (6.1 m) L x 7.6' (2.3 m) W x 10.5' (3.2 m) H with 138" wheelbase
See length camparison

Atardis Motorhome Design
La Jolla, California 92037