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It's bigger on the inside !
It's also fantastic and brilliant !

Tightly Integrated Motorhome Employing Large Optimized Retractable Dens

• Living area with entry door, dinette for 4 convertible into couch or bed, recliner, TV and storage cabinets
• Enclosed bedroom with walkaround bed, overhead and under-bed storage cabinets, TV, table and chairs
• Dry bath with vanity, sink, toilet, separate 27" x 30" x 80" shower, 20-cu.ft. wardrobe and medicine cabinet
• Galley with sink, stove, 8-cu.ft. refrigerator, microwave, 6.5-sq.ft. counter space and storage cabinets
• Over-cab sleeping compartment with double bed, storage cabinet and hatch for roof access
• All of the above amenities can be used independently at the same time.

• Transports up to 6 people, seats up to 9 and sleeps up to 6 in two double and two single beds.
• 19.6' (5.97 m) L x 7.6' (2.3 m) W x 9.9' (3 m) H (Fiat Ducato chassis with 136" wheelbase)
  See length camparison

Just another problem-solving idea from the inventor of the rack-and-pinion litter box :-)

Atardis Motorhome Design
La Jolla, CA 92037

What is a tardis ?
The Oxford Dictionary defines"Tardis" as:
1. a time machine
2. a building or container that is larger inside than it appears to be from outside
Atardis motorhome is a Tardis motorhome.